The Worst Advice We’ve Heard For Health

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we’re:gonna do business right there ah did:absolutely nothing:I love wasting all those goddamn:explosions then alright we put a little:tinker right here and while let’s talking:we put this right here:we go in bitch get up off the ground:what the hell is that a mouse the fuck:was that crawling across the floor:I’m sure someone’s in here whoa get your:dick shot off:hey which the chambers are up are you:all right I’m in enemy territory Adam in:the belly the Beast goes on the:staircase okay okay okay all right so:good a long way:oh shit I got a wide open view killing:two freckles camera down there nice that:person.

Asked to be in this back corner:told bitch whew Firefox killed Firefox:what really what are the odds of that:shit it’s time to defend um I wish there:was a random button you know what they:really need to add it but sometimes I:really just don’t give a shit:um sure this looks great all right this:looks fine:this looks dandy dandy protect the bombs:I will won’t we trying to blow the shit:up anyway we just saved it we literally:just saved it if Aaron wants to come:through this window guess what let me:get your.